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If you are going out and putting on your best outfit, heels and all, then every girl needs a clutch. Besides heels, a clutch bag is the other most important feature of an outfit, besides the dress of course. But the accessories, and the perfect clutch, add just the right touch to any glammed up look. Every girl needs somewhere to put her essentials, whether it is a small clutch, large clutch, acrylic clutch, crystal clutch or leather clutch..they are ALWAYS needed.

Paris fashion week is in full swing and so is Spring Racing, right here in Australia. In both of these massive events, you'll see all the best, strut their stuff with a glamorous clutch by their side. A clutch bag is a necessity and such and also an essential piece of fashion. With their popularity and wide range of designs growing everyday, everyone is after the latest clutch design.

The latest trend, that is still evolving, is the transparent clutch trend, acrylic clutches in all different transparent colors, sizes and designs. Whilst looking like you're fresh off the runway, you also have the option of baring your secrets, and showing off your latest lipstick or mascara through the clutch or lots of the latest designs come with inner pockets, so you can keep some of your secrets to yourself! 

We have multiple acrylic clutch designs available at www.niclaire.com.au right now, glitter infused, classic clear and even diamond shaped, and are very exciting as we have a whole new range about to arrive!

So keep an eye out and do yourself a favour and buy your first acrylic clutch online now. www.niclaire.com.au


Our fav looks of the week! 26th September 2013

Our favourite looks this week are inspired by Spring and of course Spring Racing Season! These 6 outfits are 6 of our favourites, bursting with color and style, these 6 styles will be sure to make you stand out in a crowd! Accented with gorgeous crystal clutches, acrylic clutches, animal print hard case clutches, leather clutches, patent leather heels, suede leather heels and crystal iphone cases, these accessories put the cherry on top of these hot outfits. So take a look and get inspired! Shop clutches, heels and accessories now, right here.

Our first look is the Nude Nancy look, a beautiful sweet heart look, a lot of nudes and neutrals. Featuring the Crystal embellished hard case clutch by Niclaire, and the gorgeous Nude Patent leather heels by Niclaire. A great elegant and classic look for the races!

Next is our grape girl look, purple infused chic look, featuring the very popular square acrylic clutch. A gorgeous, perfect sized clutch bag, with a classic gold frame and clasp. Paired with the black patent pumps, this look is TDF.

Then there's Aqua Ally! A fun and bold look, featuring the versatile leather clutch bag in croc embossed leather, which you can also add a wrist strap or long crossbody bag strap too when you need your hands free! Big enough to hold all of your essentials but small enough that it doesn't get in the way. Available in so many lush colors, a must have this season!

Next is Pure Purple. Elegant and classic yet fun and chic! A gorgeous, sophisticated look for the races paired with a staple pair of leather heels and a gorgeous hard case clutch. A knuckle clutch that is easy to have in your hand or by your side!

Then theres the electric blue baby. A gorgeous combo of a classic leather clutch and a beautiful pair of black versatile low heels. These heels are a low heel, with a hidden platform. So they'll give you the same height but with extra comfort! And this leather clutch can be worn around your hand or on your shoulder, a great size and great colour!

Last but not least, there is our Races Red look. Stylish and chic, and a little bit sexy. This look will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. A gorgeous pop of red, accessorised with a red acrylic clutch and an amazing pair of leather pumps!

So there are this weeks favs! Have a look around and find your perfect races look right here at niclaire.com.au


OUR FAV LOOKS OF THE WEEK - 19th September 2013

This weeks favourite looks are inspired by good times! Its thursday and we are already looking forward to the weekend! Friends, dancing, champagne, and sunny sundays. So we've put together 5 gorgeous outfits with stunning accessories, that just top off the whole look! Gorgeous acrylic clutch bags, leather handbags, leather heels, crystal iphone cases & more!

Our first look is the Shine On look, a glitzy glamorous look, perfect for a night out dancing! Featuring the gorgeous acrylic clutch, black transparent, with glitter transfused into it! A gorgeous diamond shape and a beautiful gold clasp. Perfection in a bag! And of course, matched with the Patent leather heels, the perfect pair of comfortable heels, classy & hot!

Then there's our Midnight Beauty look, again, another great outfit for a hot date night or an elegant outing. Featuring the best seller Transparent Acrylic clutch bag! So classy and stylish, everyone will be asking where you bought that beauty. Matched with the classic leather heels, and dazzling crystal iPhone case, this look is definitely a winner!

Flower Child! A fun and cheery look, perfectly suited to this beautiful sydney weather. Accented with this gorgeous soft leather handbag. Definitely a fav of ours at the office, this gorgeous leather handbag is one of a kind. With the option of a longer strap, you can keep this close by your side at any time of day!

Rock n' Roll baby! This is a bold and beautiful rock n' roll inspired look! Featuring the gorgeous classic red leather handbag and the patent leather heels. A perfect size for an everyday handbag! and heels that are comfortable and stylish all at the same time.

And last but definitely not least! Fashionista, a gorgeous, sophisticated look featuring the very popular Metallic leather bucket tote bag, and the leather pumps by Niclaire! A gorgeous strong look, and a handbag that will last for years. Oversized yet totally practical (for us ladies) big enough to hold everything you need, and compliment almost any outfit!

So thats a wrap, they are our fav looks of the week!


LOOKS OF THE WEEK! (September 12th 2013)

It's warming up in sunny Sydney! The sun is shining and as always its inspiring our outfits to be more colourful and fun. Winter is over, its a new season, Spring is here, and we are excited!

Take a look at our 'Looks of the Week' for this week! All bright and bubbly, featuring gorgeous clutch bags, leather handbags, hot hot heels, and stylin' ballet flats.

A mix of fun bright leathers, floral patterns, animal print and a variety of shapes and sizes! 

We've got the Sunburst look, with the amazing Leather clutch bag and black patent leather heels, a fun and stylish look, whether you're out for a day at the races, or off to dinner! The Leather Safari clutch is a fav of ours, and is much more than just a clutch! This baby can be used as a clutch bag or you can simply attach the included strap and sling it over your shoulder for the perfect sized shoulder bag.

Then theres the Spicy Python look, featuring the Python print Hard Case Clutch Bag and the Suede Black heels. Great accessories to spice up an evening outfit. A great sized clutch bag that will hold all your essentials, and play a big part in your style!

Next is our Beach Babe look. A bright coloured leather handbag, matched with the gorgeous leather Skull Point ballet flats. A fun look for a day in the sun, at the beach, or shopping up a storm! This tote bag is a great size for everyday, beautiful embossed leather, with a longer adjustable strap available if you need to take a little weight off your shoulders at the end of the day!

Then theres the Fun floral look, a sweet heart look featuring the Floral Leather Messenger satchel, and the Nude patent heels. This satchel is a great size to sling around your body, for a day out!

And last but definitely not least, the bright and bursting Sunny Summer look, featuring the Leather studded Clutch Bag, clutch this baby in your hand, or attach the long strap to wear it over your shoulder. A bright and fun bag, that will bring a little to your outfit of the day. Made with gorgeous soft leather, and gold studs for a bit of edge!

Shop all of these stunning items right now! And keep an eye for our new range coming soon :)


It's almost that time! Our favourite time of year to dress up and flaunt our stuff at the races! It's all about the perfect jewellery, clutches, bags, accessories and heels. If you're going to match your shoes to your dress, or you shoes to your clutch, if your going to go with crystals or leather, big or small? At Niclaire, we have heaps of options, so take a look through and imagine yourself all dressed up and ready to go.

Every girl needs a clutch bag to put her makeup and phone in! So just decide whether you want a hand held clutch, knuckle clutch or a clutch bag with a long strap. (If you plan on having your hands full with wine & champagne!) Then you need to decide the size of the clutch bag that you need, small, medium or large, we have many options!

And lastly, the most important of course…the design. Will you go with a crystal clutch? A leather clutch? or maybe a knuckle clutch. With sooooo many options, you'll be sure to find something at Niclaire!

Then theres the heels. Super high heels, or low platform heels, that will keep you elegant and comfortable all the same time? Peep toe heels or classic pump heels? In loads of different colours, we have many options! Maybe you want to match your heels to your clutch? Or even find a pair of ballet flats that you can sneak into half way through the day ;)

And last but not least, the jewellery. We love to take elements from the rest of our outfit, and bring them out even more with a glistening piece of jewellery. For example if your using a Crystal Clutch Bag, why not take a look at our crystal bracelets, or crystal collar necklaces. If your using a Shining Satin clutch, maybe you want some pearl earrings to match? Rings, bracelets, necklaces, its all right here!

So don't leave it to the last minute…find your perfect Spring Racing outfit now! 



How To Pick The Right Bag For Any Occasion!

Sometimes choosing an outfit can take hours, whether you have a special event to attend, a work function or even just a day out with friends, a girl's bag is not just something you throw on. A handbag is every bit as important as the rest of the outfit itself, hence why most of us girls have about a million of them in our wardrobes! And there are so many different types!

So this is why we have created this little guide to help you find the perfect handbag for your occasion! Learn how to find exactly the right bag for your occasion online, within your price bracket! There are so many options and so many places to purchase handbags these days, so keep reading and let us help you along the way!


First you need to know exactly where you're going and what the occasion is. Is it a casual kind of day, smart casual, a work function, elegant/formal, or a party? Also, you need to think about the role your handbag will play on this occasion. Sounds silly but if its a big event where you want your hands free but don't want to leave your belongings far away, then maybe you need a clutch that can be worn as a shoulder bag as well, or if you're going on big day of shopping then maybe you need a handbag that also has the ability to convert into a crossbody bag, so that you can relieve some of that weight after a big day! Or maybe you're travelling and don't know what the day ahead will involve, so you need something that is really versatile! Eg. A Niclaire Convertible bag, a backpack, shoulder bag, and handbag all in one.

Types of Bags:

Shoulder Bag

A bag that is worn over the shoulder. They come in all different sizes and shapes, and can be found in all sorts of material. Leather, vinyl, canvas etc. Usually a leather bag will be more durable, they will generally be a bit more expensive, but definitely higher in quality and will last a lot longer. Leather bags can be simple and very elegant, or fun and quite quirky. Then there is vinyl, which generally has a lot of the same designs as leather bags, but are a bit cheaper. And then there are materials like Canvas or Polyester which you can find that are a lot more casual but be perfectly suited to your day out!

Satchel/Crossbody Bag

These bags are generally worn across the body or hung low on your shoulder. If you are commuting to work, or just want your hands free, these bags can be very handy. Available in all sorts of materials, these can be great worn across the body, if you are travelling as well, so you can keep your valuables close at all times.

Overnighter Bags

These are generally larger, oversized bags. Some women use these as their everyday bags if they just like carrying their whole lives around! (Which many do) But they can also hold quite a lot. Whether you need to hold your laptop on your way to work, or need to throw in a spare set of clothes, these bags are perfect and very on trend!

Backpack Bags

Everyone in their life time has worn a backpack at some stage, and they are sometimes underestimated. Some people think school bag when they see the word backpack, but there are so many different styles available these days, they can be just as fashionable as the latest Gucci. Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, backpacks are great for travelling, a big day out, a picnic in the park, a busy mum and much more! 

Clutch Bags

Clutch bags are a favourite when a girl has somewhere special to go. Whether its a hot date, an elegant wedding, a work function or just a night out on the town, clutch bags can definitely be a highlight of an outfit. From casual to quite glamorous, there are so many different designs and so many different styles to choose from. Acrylic clutches, crystal clutches, casual clutches, leather clutches and so much more. Some clutches are purely hand held, or you can get some that come with the option of a longer extra strap, for when you want your valuables close but have your hands full with champagne!

Choosing a Handbag:

First you need to evaluate the situation. How much do you need to carry at this event? How formal is the outfit you are wearing? And what colour is the rest of your outfit?

A handbag can often put the perfect accent on an outfit, or even be the hero of an outfit, for example a gorgeous crystal clutch, that puts the perfect finishing touch on a special occasion outfit. A lot of women love matching their shoes to their bag, or sometimes there bag can be the standout, for example a simple black dress and heels, can be transformed into something dazzling with a glamourous clutch or vibrant leather handbag.

Think about your bag as another part of your outfit, a handbag can make or break the perfect outfit!

How to search for the right bag on ebay:

Think about what element you definitely know you are looking for. If you definitely want a leather handbag, type in "Genuine leather" or if you know that you want a clutch, but need something a bit special, type in "evening clutch" or "crystal clutch" try to pin point some specifics and it will make your search easier! 

Once you've found something that has caught your eye, make sure you check the measurements of the bag. Pictures online can be deceiving, and you want to be able to imagine exactly how big it will. Also, if you are a bit weary, check the stores return policy, then if you are not completely happy with your purchase, you can swap it for something else. 


A handbag can really add something special to an outfit, so don't neglect it and settle for any old bag. Whether you want your bag to make a statement or you just want a beautiful subtle and durable bag that will be quite versatile, you will definitely lots of options online! So have a think before you buy your next bag, and break it down to what you want out of your bag!

And remember a women can never have too many handbags.



Our Fav Looks Of the week!

Well Black is back and in a BIG way. Black and white colour blocking is trending right and Niclaire is loving it! Editorials, magazines and the runway are beaming with stunning Black and White outfits, accessorised with Black leather pumps, dazzling White Crystal Clutches, Black Acrylic clutches, Black leather ladies handbags & gorgeous classic leather handbags.

This week we are ALSO loving colourful, fun scarves, silk scarves and winter scarves matched with classic leather handbags. Shoulder bags, tote bags, or crossbody bags, you can ALWAYS add a scarf to break it up a little! Featuring our gorgeous Metallic leather shopping tote, with a beautiful blue accented scarf, our gold metallic classic handbag with our stunning floral scarf, our to-die-for crystal clutches, satin clutches and Acrylic clutch bags, all part of this week's favourite looks!

If you want to spice up your wardrobe with beautiful, timeless, great quality pieces, it is all about accessorising. And at Niclaire we have you covered, with all the latest trends, colours and styles. So take a look and get your weekly hit of our favs!


Eight of our Favourite Niclaire Looks this week!

Whether you are going for a casual day of shopping, a night out with the girls, or a hot date with your special someone, every girl needs the perfect bag to go with her, and we definitely have you covered! Have a look at our fav looks of the week, featuring some of our favourite Niclaire leather handbags, Clutch bags, Hobo bags & Acrylic Clutches!

- The Python Print Leather handbag, a great everyday handbag, that adds a little character to any outfit! A great leather handbag that will fit all your daily essentials. Dress it up or dress it down, its made from beautiful lush leather & sturdy hardware. This baby will definitely give your friends handbag envy!

- The Glitter Diva Clutch Bag in Red & Black. These clutches are so stylish and on trend right now, everyone is after one! Made from Acrylic, these transparent glitter clutches will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. The perfect clutch bag, to glam up a gorgeous outfit.

- The Metallic Leather Shopping Tote, a great all rounder handbag. An essential for every lady. Oversized and so roomy, perfect for every girls needs! Made from lush smooth leather, this shopping tote is definitely one of our favourites and a best seller!

- The Embossed Croc Skin Leather Handbag, is a fun and practical handbag. Convertible so that you can wear it more than one way, it is definitely great value for money. Stylish and available in a wide range of colours, this leather handbag, is definitely one for the collection.

- The Timeless Ladies Handbag is a simple yet elegant design. Made from shiny smooth leather, a great everyday handbag.

- The Shining Satin Clutch & The Crystal Hearts clutch are both so stunning. The perfect clutch bag, for any special occasion, this clutch will not just hold all of your essentials for that special night, but also be a key piece of your dazzling outfit!

Have a look around, and shop your favourite look right now!



Our new Glam Collection has finally arrived!

Handbags, totes, evening clutches, shopping totes, shoulder bags, embossed leather handbags & so much more! It's all part of our new collection. Dazzling glitter coated clutch bags and metallic leather handbags are the first things people notice in our new collection, but thats only the beginning!

Bringing you gorgeous silhouettes, runway trends & the HOTTEST trend right now, the Transparent Acrylic Clutch. Straight from the red carpet, to your computer screens, this gorgeous timeless design can be yours for under $80 at www.niclaire.com.au ! Our new evening clutch bags are something special in our latest collection. Acrylic hard case clutches, that come with a gold zip up purse insert, so you decide how much you wanna bear on your night out! They also all come with a long gold chain, incase you want your hands free while you dance the night away. Whether you're looking for a sassy satin clutch design for an elegant event, a fun glitter coated dazzling clutch, that will catch peoples eyes, or something sweet with just the right amount of crystals, we have it all as part of our fresh new collection.

Our classic lush leather handbags of this collection are also a favourite! A few of our Metallic leather shopping totes, and classic leather handbags have already been picked up as part of a TV special this August! All of these bags are made from high quality leather & durable hardware. These gorgeous leather handbags will complete your outfit but also be with you for years to come. All handbags, totes, shoulder bags and cross body bags are designed with just the right amount of pockets & straps so you can get the most out of your favourite handbag this winter. Almost all of our handbags come with more than one strap so these styles are highly fashionable and highly versatile!

One of our best sellers, ALSO available at www.theiconic.com.au is the Metallic Leather Shopping tote. A large leather, simplistic, yet classically designed handbag that is pretty much a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Available in Burgundy, Blue, Gold and of course Black.

Shop the whole new collection, right now, right here! And why not tell us what you think of these delicious leather handbags & cute clutch bags? Follow us on instagram @niclairefashion, visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/niclaireaustralia or shoot us an email at info@niclaire.com.au ! Enjoy and have a wonderful day, The Team at Niclaire Xxx



New glamour clutch and handbag range - coming soon!

Fashion is changing every second, but there are a few things that a girl is always looking for. Gorgeous classic handbags and glamorous clutches to match your favorite outfit for the weekend. And we are bringing you some new beauties.

Fashionable, high quality, leather fashion bags, and amazing acrylic clutches at their absolute best. Gorgeous designs, made from beautiful materials.

This new range of ladies handbags features leather handbags, leather shoulder bags, leather crossbody bags, leather tote bags, leather shopping bags and leather boho bags.

And our new glam fashion clutches are taking our fashion clutch range to a whole new level. Designs that you've only seen on the runway, will now be right there for your hot little hands to purchase. With free express shipping Aus wide, how could you say no?

This range will include square acrylic semi transparent glitter clutches, diamond shape acrylic clutches, completely clear acrylic clutches and also some crystal/satin clutches that are to die for. With any one of these babies you will be sure to turn heads at your next special outing!

So keep an eye, our all new glam clutch range is coming soon!

Shop your favourite Niclaire look right now! Visit our polyvore and follow us to follow all of our trend updates! http://niclairefashion.polyvore.com/


Every girl loves a bit of celeb style! Some celebs become known for their horrible wardrobe choices and hideous handbags, but others become style icons & brand ambassadors. Today we look at how you can get celebrity style handbags, clutch bags & shoulder bags all at Niclaire. Shop our handbags online and score yourself a beautiful handbag, with the latest style, made from high quality materials and at a affordable price!

Whether you're looking for a fresh new handbag, shoulder bag, leather tote bag, or a glamourous evening clutch bag, we have it all at Niclaire.com.au

- Get the Khloe Kardashian look with the fun & gorgeous Niclaire Leather Safari Clutch. This beautiful clutch, can be used to accompany a smoking' dress as an evening bag, or attach the long strap, and use it as a cross body clutch bag.

- Get the Blake Lively Look with our Leather Doctor Tote in Tan. This tote bag is the perfect size for everyday. Huge to throw all of your essentials in, and it comes with a long cross body strap, in case you need a little extra support! Get the vintage inspired look with this gorgeous handbag.

- Get the Sarah Jessica Parker look with the Niclaire Embossed Leather Summer Sun Tote in Black! A great all rounder tote bag. High quality leather shoulder bag, that will go with almost anything in your wardrobe! - Or if you're feeling a little more daring, also get the SJP look with the Sophisticated Sophie Handbag in Pink! Sometimes you just need a little colour in your outfit, and this stunning & classy shoulder bag will do just the trick.

- Get the Alessandra Ambrosio look with our gorgeous evening clutch bag, the 'Union Jack Crystal Baby Clutch'. This stunner with bring a little glamour to your evening outfit and be sure to make a statement. This evening clutch bag is one of our best sellers, and you can see why!

- Get the Victoria Beckham look with the Niclaire Meet Me In Paris Leather Handbag. A casual yet classy handbag. Shoulder bag or cross body bag, you choose! Just attach the extra strap for extra comfort! A gorgeous mix of suede and leather.

Thats it for today! If you want the celeb style, take a look around our website, and bag yourself a beauty now! ;)


Handbags, clutch bags, fashion bags are literally everywhere. All over the web, on fashion sites everywhere, leather handbags, faux leather handbags, handbags that will last and handbags that will serve their purpose for that one special night.

At niclaire we know a girl can never have too many handbags. Some come and go and some will last a lifetime. With fashion changing before our eyes everyday, a woman's love of handbags will never die or dull. There may be thousands of handbags out there but there is a few things that we can guarantee you at Niclaire and that is classic style and quality. Leather handbags & classic evening clutches with timeless designs made from the highest quality materials. We create classics that you'll love for a lifetime.

Famous for our glamorous hard case clutch bags and stunning genuine leather handbags that will stay with you throughout the years. We are very excited to be able to introduce our newest editions to the Niclaire family in just a few weeks...

Fashionista's around the globe are raving about the new transparent clutch bag craze, and we at Niclaire are so excited to bring you our very own take on the transparent hard case clutch trend.

Classic silhouettes, glamorous gold frames, tinted acrylic, and traffic stopping designs. A guaranteed fashion favorite that screams "class and glamour". These gorgeous clutch bags will make you stand out in a crowd and possibly even clean up your handbag habits! You'll be able to see straight into your world, rocking a Niclaire clutch bag and showing off your latest Chanel lipstick and liner all at the same time.

So keep a close eye out, these beauties aren't far away at all!



This month has been so exciting at Niclaire! We've had so many gorgeous new arrivals, tote bags, leather handbags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, leather backpack bags, gorgeous warm woollen scarves & the newest editions to our online store, the glamourous dazzling iphone cases.

At the start of April, we brought you our new leather loves. Timeless leather designs that will last forever. The leather Doctor Tote Bag, the Sophisticate Sophie shoulder bag, the re-issue of the 3 Way Convertible Backpack bag, the Meet Me In Paris ladies handbag and the Call Me Classic Leather handbag are just some of these designer handbags from our new collection. Niclaire is the place to be if you are looking for the fashion handbags or the perfect designer handbag.

Last week we released our new line of gorgeous warm woolly scarves! So many different patterns and colours, perfect for this chilly change in weather. Wholesale scarves also available for those that want to share the Niclaire woolly love!

And last but definitely not least, our brand new iphone case arrivals! Crystal covered glamourous phone cases. Stunning crystal covered cases that will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. Lots of new gorgeous designs for the Apple iPhone 5, but also available on request for the iPhone 4 or Samsung.

Go ahead, check out all the latest now!


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia has officially kicked off, and we are loving every single minute of it. Seeing what fashions are hot right this minute, and trending around Australia. Its one thing to see gorgeous leather handbags, colourful tote bags & evening clutch bags to die for, swoop down the runway, but its also very interesting and insightful to check out the street fashion of this years MBFWA. Check it all out yourself on www.vogue.com.au

We are seeing handbags, shoes and accessories being used as such a big important part of outfits. Whether its a deliberate clashing patterned leather backpack, a soft dark leather handbag to add a touch of color, or the most stunning pair of leather high heels you've ever seen, accessories are definitely a statement to make!

A few things we noticed in the street style..

The classic, all class, no fuss, black leather handbag. Jet black, high quality leather, a classic and sophisticated handbag that will always be around, and stay in your wardrobe for years, becoming a staple that will never go out of fashion. We saw tons of these, a simple yet elegant touch to an outfit, that makes it look that much more expensive. Tote bags, handbags, shoulder bags, leather backpacks, and cross body bags, you name it…black is always back.

Also.. a current trend we've seen popping up pretty often lately, is leather metallics. Metallic leather handbags, or evening clutch bags, that accent a whole outfit. Tote bags, handbags, leather backpacks, shoulder bags, all popping up in deep metallics and shiny silvers.

Then there's the transparent trend. Hard case perspex clutches and casual soft leather transparent handbags. So you can literally see into a woman's world. Theres no hiding the mess and mass of what every girl has in her handbag in one of these babies. Showing up in multiple different leathers and styles, soft leather transparent handbags are definitely hot right now.

So there it is…thats our wrap of what we loved & saw from this years street style. And of course like always, you too, can have just that with Niclaire leather handbags and clutches. Just shop our huge handbag selection now. Evening clutches, deep leather handbags, sassy high heels & wardrobe essentials…shop them all right here at www.niclaire.com.au

Images: Care of www.vogue.com.au


Our loves & lusts from the latest French Vogue (27/3/13)

This morning at Niclaire, we are sipping tea whilst flipping through the new French Vogue and we are loving some of the gorgeous new collections coming out this year. The black and white montage cover says it all. It is all about bold patterns and classy designs this season. Full of bold & stylish designer shoes, designer bags all the latest must have handbags, this is definitely a copy of Vogue you want to pick up!

We LOVE the 60's inspired handbags. They have definitely created some stunning handbags. Every girl knows a handbag is not just a leather bag. These twiggy/Jane Birkin inspired designs are bold elegant designs that complete these gorgeous outfits. Check patterns & stripes are huge right now and we are loving them!

Another big trend is metallics. Golds & deep shimmering colours are a big part of the runway also. Classic silhouette designs made from transparent metallic materials, that turn a regular leather handbag from an everyday accessory, to a fashion necessity. They're even sporting these eye catching materials on all their latest low heels, high heel shoes and leather sandals.

We also love the part that florals and insects are playing this years collections. Clutch bags covered in flowers and bees, a bangle bracelet covered in crystals and vines and even gold bee studs accenting gorgeous designer pieces of jewellery.

Transparent leather bags also caught our eye whilst flipping through. Transparent backpack bags, transparent clutches, and even transparent high heels. We love this look, i guess this just means us ladies have to keep our bags a bit tidier than usual :/

And last but not least, it seems the wild/animal print designs have managed to stay in this seasons must haves once again. Evening clutches, fashion handbags, tote bags, and even heels in python and wild print.

There is DEFINITELY a leather bag or 3 that we can see ourselves sporting in the office here, but there are also, as always a few pairs of leather sandals and a few clutch bags that we think maybe the designers had a few too many wines before approving ;)

So..thats just our opinion, why don't you go check it yourselves and let us know your thoughts on all the latest trends? You can contact us at info@niclaire.com.au or even better become a friend on Facebook, and keep in close contact daily with us!

Much love & handbags,
Niclaire xxx

(Niclaire does not claim any copyright on the above photos. All photographs care of Vogue Paris.)

Everyone is talking about our Lush Leather NEW Arrivals!

Travel bags, tote bags, Leather handbags, leather tote bags, evening bags, evening clutches, backpack bags, sling bags & shoulder bags are just SOME of the huge selection we have of our designer bags online.

Niclaire.com.au is not just another online shoe store or online handbag store. Niclaire is not just an online fashion store, we love talking to our customers, hearing all about what they want to see on our site, what materials & leathers they love, and what styles the love & hate. We try and give our customers back something as many ways as we can. We offer bulk discounts, free voucher giveaways for simple acts such as, becoming a fan on Facebook or even reviewing a product on our website! We also love to run competitions all the time, and giveaway loads of beautiful Niclaire products and vouchers.

If you want to sign up to our newsletter, you will find out all our goss & latest news first! Things like competition announcements, latest trends and exciting new arrivals.

Speaking of New arrivals, our new beautiful range of gorgeous leather handbags has officially dropped! The 2013 Autumn collection is our most well received & talked about range yet! Made from even higher quality leathers than ever before these gorgeous bags, are all classic designs that will last a life time.

A girl has many handbags in her lifetime, but there's always the ones that hang around, and are always a staple in her wardrobe for as long as the seams hold out. And thats exactly what we have created with our new Niclaire handbag range. Tote bags, handbags, shoulder bags, travel bags & backpack bags that are timeless designs that will never go out of fashion. Staple colours that go with just about anything in your wardrobe & versatility that saves you so much $$

Almost every single handbag in our new range can be worn more than one way, and comes with the appropriate adjustable strap. Which means you don't need to spend extra money buying two bags for two different occasions, it means these gorgeous leather handbags will mould to whatever situation you find yourself in!

To see our new range, if you haven't already, do yourself a favour and visit www.niclaire.com.au, check it out and let us know what you think! And while you're at it, become a fan on Facebook. You never know, maybe theres a chance you could even win your next dream bag ;)

The days are getting cooler, the summer nights are almost over and Spring is almost in the air. We at Niclaire are so excited to show you a beautiful new range of Leather handbags online, arriving in just a few weeks! Our 2013 Autumn Collection is our most eclectic and beautiful handbag range yet. Every single time we design a new range of leather handbags, we are always reaching higher, sourcing only the highest quality leathers & materials, and course keeping up and on top of the ever-changing fashion world with our stylish and stunning designs.

Leather tote bags, small ladies handbags, cross-body bags, convertible leather backpack bags, studded leather sling bags, and the famous doctor style tote bag, all coming straight to you, at our easy and convenient online store. Most of the collection has multiple ways to wear the new bags. The doctor tote, that turns into an overnighter cross body bag, the studded leather handbags, that turn into the perfect leather gig handbags, the square leather shoulder bags, that turn into a cross body sling, full of paper work after a long day in the office, and of course the favourite, the re-issue of the best seller 3 Way Convertible leather backpack bag. We bring you delicious lush style, comfort and convenience all in one.

This Autumn collection is made up of classic silhouettes, soft calfskin leathers, high quality cotton linings, strong stitching, multiple pockets, and styles that will never go out of fashion! With one Niclaire purchase, you get so much more for your money.

So keep your eyes peeled, sign up to our mailing list, like us on Facebook, send us an email, stay in touch and get ready for the NICLAIRE 2013 AUTUMN LEATHER HANDBAG COLLECTION.

Valentine's day is just around the corner! And we've got the perfect gifts for your love, right here at Niclaire. Whether you're looking for the perfect leather handbag, lush high heels, glamourous evening clutch bag or a special piece of of jewellery, we have you covered!

Handbags, tote bags, shoulder bags, overnight bags, backpack bags, satchels, they are ALL trending right now, and the colours, shapes and sizes, are constantly changing. At Niclaire, we like to always keep up with the latest fashions, but also keep the quality of our products, at the highest possible standards. Lush soft calfskin leathers, durable metals & quality hardware. So you can be confident, beautiful & comfortable everyday in style.

We've got loads of shoes, the kiss kiss pumps, leather ballet flats, gorgeous glitter heels, low heels, high heels, wedges, sandals, you name it we've got it all on our online shoe store. If you want something a bit more classic, we have tons of gorgeous silver & gold jewellery, at AFFORDABLE prices. You can pick up something stunning, a gold necklace, or a silver chain, that will take your girl's breath away but wont break the budget ;)

And ladies, if you are reading this, take a look through, and drop a few hints ;) Forward on our weekly newsletter to your loved one, post a Niclaire pic on his Facebook wall :)

Our evening clutches at Niclaire are one of our favourite product groups, these beauties are definitely one of the most popular best sellers we have. The perfect clutch bag, can add that finishing touch and sparkle to the perfect date night outfit, and these heart and star clutches (below) are the perfect cute Valentine's Day gifts. Affordable, gorgeous, classy & so sweet.


Happy Australia Day!!

Niclaire & Co PTY Ltd


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This week's newsletter! Jan 21st 2013.

Niclaire & Co PTY Ltd


Address: 8 Stanley Street,

Putney, NSW 2112

Ph: 02 8005 7559

Email: info@niclaire.com.au

Most trends fade within a week, last month it was color blocking, then metallics, then pastels, and its hard to keep up in the never ending fashion world. Most brands try to catch your eye with whatever's "hot" right now, they'll use delicious leathers, and gorgeous girls to try and sell you. But by the time we've all caught on, there it goes again, turning another page in the fashion journal that moulds our everyday wardrobes.

At Niclaire our vision, motto & dreams never change. We want our women to feel beautiful, timeless, classy & effortlessly stylish. And through it all, we promise to always bring you the highest quality materials and shapes. So don't worry about trying to keep up with the latest women of Vogue. At Niclaire, we've got your back, because class & beauty will never go out of fashion.

This month we are focusing on some of our favorites & classics. Gorgeous supple, calfskin leather silhouettes, mixed with dark shades, amazing prints & vanilla accents. Leather tote bags, cute carry-alls, leather handbags, classic high-heel pumps, open toe sandals & stunning evening clutch bags. Shop at Niclaire, browse our online shoe shop and find the perfect classic pumps, take a look through our extensive handbag collection and find the perfect everyday tote bag, designer handbags, a leather overnighter backpack or an eye catching clutch bag! While you’re there, have a look at our Summer sandals. Every girl needs a new pair of sandals for summer!

So many markdowns!

Check out handbags, jewellery & shoes section for lots of mark downs! Amazing, high quality leather bags, luscious stylish heels, and crystal jewellery all at crazy prices! Shop now before you miss out!

Get the Eva Look!

Style yourself like Eva, with our Leather Safari Clutch
Click the picture below to shop the clutch now!

SHOP NOW in time for Christmas delivery!

Now is the time to do your last minute christmas shopping! Make sure you get your orders in asap to make sure you receive your orders before the big day! We ship out all domestic orders same day. We have so many beautiful great gift ideas, so shop now, and make that someone special happy with Niclaire!

Niclaire & Co PTY Ltd


If you're looking for the perfect all rounder bag & you're not sure what to buy. Take a look at our beautiful leather backpacks. At Niclaire we sell so many bags & handbags online, but a few of our favs & best sellers are these gorgeous bags. A backpack is a bag that you can use everyday, to hold as little or as much as you need. We have a huge variety of backpacks, so why not carry all your essentials around in something stylish! The feminine lilac Wild Rider backpack, the floral backpack in three different styles, or a more simple & elegant design like the Sly Guy, or Weekend in the sun backpack.

This year backpacks have been HUGE in the fashion scene, and we were so excited to release our beautiful new range of backpacks. 2012 has changed the way backpacks are looked at, and instead of just a travelling essential, they've become a piece of fashion, a gorgeous bag & a massive part of an outfit! The most comfortable way to hold every girls, everyday needs!

At Niclaire we combine the convenience of a huge bag, that will fit everything you need, with all the latest styles, colours & patterns. All of our backpack bags, are designed with thought, and made with comfortable, durable straps & material that will actually last. Walk around the city, use it as an overnighter, or even take it travelling with you, these beautiful backpacks are everything you need! Made from soft high quality leather, they'll hold a ton & last forever!

It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

Right before our eyes, 2012 has flown by & is almost over! We've had a great year at Niclaire & are so excited about Christmas! Only 12 days to go before the big man himself visits & leaves gifts for all. Now if you, like most others have left your christmas shopping to the last minute, don't stress, we have gifts of all shapes & sizes here at Niclaire! Clutches, handbags, leather handbags, heels, pumps, ballet flats, tote bags, backpacks, sling bags, necklaces, collar necklaces, gold necklaces, bangles, rings, tiaras, iPhone accessories, earrings & heaps more accessories online, we've got it alllll covered!

Malls & shopping centres can be quite daunting at this time of year, so why not pull up a chair, in the comfort of your own home (or on your lunch break!) and browse through our wide selection of gorgeous christmas gifts at www.niclaire.com.au - you can never have too many accessories, handbags or shoes so visit our website & the rest is easy!

If you're looking for something small, have a look at our jewellery & accessories online. You'll find gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, rings, scarves & accessories that wont break your budget! Find a little something special at Niclaire, premium quality gifts at affordable prices. Whether you need a young & fun piece of jewellery, like our crystal heart earrings, 3 pack stud earrings or floral cluster earrings - or something a bit more elegant & classy, like our pearl earrings, crystal rain earrings or even crystal collar necklaces, we have gifts for any age!

If you want to get something that will look beautiful, last forever & that, that special someone will use everyday, take a look at our beautiful leather handbags, cross body bags, leather backpacks & satchels. Made from the highest quality leather, these gorgeous bags, are so popular & versatile, any girl will LOVE a handbag from Niclaire.

If you're looking to buy some shoes, or buy a pair for yourself to wear in this christmas period take a look at our huge range of heels, pumps, sandals & ballet flats! Comfortable, yet stylish, runway designs all at the click of a button! Don't think twice about whether or not they might be the right gift or not, cos no girl can ever have too many shoes! Also, don't be alarmed about possibly buying the wrong sizes etc, we can always exchange for a different size!

And if you're looking for something REALLY special, that will sparkle & shine, take a look at our favourites in the clutch section. Crystal clutches, hard case clutches, Star & Apple Shaped Clutches & even spiked clutches.

If you've read all this and are still overwhelmed, visit our accessories section, and grab yourself a gift voucher. One thing you definitely CANT go wrong with!

AND! lastly if you have any questions or queries about anything don't hesitate to call or email us! We hope you all have a safe & amazing christmas, and a happy new year!!


This week's newsletter <3 All new!

Just arrived!

New Classic Skull & Crystal Clutch in WHITE! Click here to Shop it now!

Now available in 11 different colors, this beautiful mesh clutch bag, is perfect for a fun night out. Add a bit of glam & sparkle to your outfit with this adorable bag. A great christmas gift too! Check it out HERE!

This weeks newsletter! (4/12/12)

We at Niclaire were so excited to have two stunning ladies use Niclaire Clutches at the ARIA Awards this year <3
Laura Dundovic (model) & Christina Parie (Past X-Factor Contestant) both used gorgeous Niclaire clutches on the red carpet, at this years ARIA Awards!

Laura Dundovic the gorgeous model that won Miss Universe Australia 2008, has worked with huge brands like Charlie Brown, Steve Madden & Myer, was strutting her stuff in a stunning red dress, holding the Niclaire Steel Panther Clutch last Thursday at this years ARIA's Awards!

And Christina Parie, the 16 year old, past X-Factor Contestant, dressed in Wheels & Dollbaby holding the Edgy Cute Clutch by her side, was looking beautiful & also rocking the red carpet on Thursday night!

Also! For those of you that haven't seen in yet, we have a sale on!! A sale on all of our Accessories & Jewellery. You get 10% off when you buy any two items from our Jewellery or Accessories online. 20% off when you buy three or more items & 40% off when you buy 4 plus items!! A great christmas gift idea, to save a little money & find gorgeous christmas presents for your loved ones this year!

Niclaire & Co PTY Ltd


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Putney, NSW 2112

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Email: info@niclaire.com.au


Ebay Store!
Today we have launched our Official ebay store!
A place where you can find some of our favourites <3 Clutches, handbags, heels, wedges, ballet flats & so much more to come!

This week's newsletter!

Niclaire & Co PTY Ltd


Address: 8 Stanley Street,

Putney, NSW 2112

Ph: 02 8005 7559

Email: info@niclaire.com.au

All I want for Christmas…

Christmas is just around the corner! And we are SO excited at Niclaire. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a beautiful friend, take a look at www.niclaire.com.au & you’ll find everything you need! Everything from our gorgeous new crystal clutches, high heels, low heels, leather handbags, tote bags, leather backpacks, collar necklaces, gold & silver earrings, beautiful silk scarves, bangle bracelets, travel bags or even a beautiful gift voucher!

Something special: If you’re looking for something special, have a look at our beautiful handbags, clutches & shoe range. Our designer shoes are so wearable & stylish any girl would be delighted with a pair of new Nic’s! Made from the highest quality leathers & crystals you cant go wrong! So many different styles, handbags, totes, travel bags, clutches, sling bags, cross body bags, pumps, classic heels, crystal clutches & so much more.

Stocking Stuffers: If you’re looking for the ultimate stocking stuffers & something under $100, we have it all covered. Have a look at our beautiful accessories online, and our jewellery section. Whether you’re looking for a special ring, bracelet, necklace, collar necklace, earrings, or even a beautiful warm winter scarf, we have it all & it wont break the budget!

Gift vouchers: If you need to buy multiple gifts & don’t want to worry about choosing the “right” gift, why not purchase a beautiful Niclaire gift voucher, and let your lucky friend or family member choose their special gift themselves! Valid for 12 months, all of our gift vouchers can be used for any item on our website.

Don’t let buying xmas gifts be a hassle, shop online, shop shoes online, shop accessories online, shop quality online, and find the perfect gifts this Christmas all at www.niclaire.com.au

www.niclaire.com.au – Runway Fashion At Affordable Prices

Niclaire is a classy, elegant & glamorous fashion brand catching the attention of all young Australian women. www.niclaire.com.au is a unique & affordable brand, selling designer shoes online, handbags online & so many beautiful women’s accessories online. With a glass of champagne in your hand, your feet up on the couch & some sweet tunes playing in the background, you can browse for hours through Niclaire’s wide range of handbags, backpacks, high quality leather handbags, jewellery, accessories & women’s shoes from the comfort of your own home.

With the ability to completely eliminate all the unpleasant parts of a shopping experience, online shopping is quickly taking over, and Niclaire are ahead of the crowd! You don’t have to sit in peak hour traffic, find a car spot or deal with grumpy sales representatives anymore. Instead, you can simply shop online! Visit www.niclaire.com.au see the product for your self, at a number of different angles, read a short description & be the judge yourself on what piece best suits YOUR wardrobe.

With the economy in the dreary position that its in right now, the price of living sky rocketing every time you blink an eye & the added pressure of a world full of celebrity covered magazines, every woman still wants to be able to look & feel amazing but at an affordable price. And that’s where Niclaire comes in. One of their main goals at Niclaire, is to bring you all the latest runway trends & styles straight to your door with no hassle or fuss & without breaking your budget. At Niclaire they have taken inspiration from runways around the world, and created their own collection of handbags, tote bags, backpack bags, shoulder bags, clutches & evening bags, low heels, high heels, platforms, pumps, ballet flats, silk scarves & a huge range of women’s jewellery. Visit Niclaire now!

Our favs this month!

The Kiss Kiss Pumps!

These glamorous & stylish heels, are one of our favorites & best sellers this month at Niclaire! Buying shoes online has never been so easy with Niclaire. We bring you gorgeous high quality high heels at affordable prices. These designer shoes are made from beautiful soft leather & suede, with patent leather kiss toes. Made with a comfortable & stylish low heel, these heels are amazing for everyday or for an evening out for that reason! With an extra added platform in the toe, it makes them even easier to walk in and provide so much more comfort than the average heel! The hidden platform measures 20mm deep, they have a 4" heel which compares to a 80mm heel, with leather lining & padded insole, you wont even realise you are wearing heels! These Kiss Kiss Designer pumps shoes are so wearable & stylish you cant go wrong. These Kiss Kiss High heels pass as the perfect pair of evening shoes, wedding shoes or even a casual day out shopping!

Available in four different colors, Blue suede with a nude toe, black suede with a green toe, black suede with a red toe & purple glittery leather with a cream toe. Paired with a cute crystal clutch bag, a shining gold necklace & the perfect black mini these shoes are the perfect heel this month!

Amazing Leather Backpacks!

We have a huge range of luscious leather backpacks this month. In multiple different styles, leathers, colors & patterns, these are a must have this year! Our leather backpacks are one of our most popular wholesale bags & most popular styles due to their great size & quality. Big enough to use as an overnighter, for a day out of shopping or even for a bike ride in the sun. Made from beautiful calfskin leather, with full cotton lining. So many different compartments & multiple zip pockets. With many of these styles unisex, we have the perfect backpack for all! Available in so many different colors, everything from black, chocolate & lilac to floral & polka dot patterned.

Adjustable straps, and comfortable leather straps make this backpack an easy weight to wear all day long, in style. We discount the press by a large amount but bring you the same extremely high quality at Niclaire. These backpacks are available in a few different styles including the classic Wild Rider shape, with one huge compartment & two front pockets. The Somedays Leather Backpack which is an amazing & versatile backpack, but can also be used as a sling! The Sly Guy backpack, which is a stylish & slick design for both men & women, that can be used as a casual bag, or can you give that extra bit of class on your way to the office! The Slumber party backpack, which is another classic design, bringing back the 90's era, and looking amazing at the same time! And last but not least the Weekend In The Sun Backpack, the perfect leather backpack for a day in the sun, available in 3 different patterns. Get your hands on one of these babies this year, you will not regret it! Whether you're one of our beautiful Niclaire customers, or looking for wholesale bags, you’ll find them all at Niclaire.

New Clutches Range!

The most exciting editions to our online store this month are definitely our new clutch bags! With so much variety, so many different colors & styles, there is a clutch bag for every girl. We have crystal clutches, smothered in gleaming crystals, with a cute knuckle handle. Edgy brightly colored, hard case clutches, with a dangerous spikey knuckle handle. The glamorous sparkling skull clutches & even the subtler woven look clutches. So many new & exciting bubbly colors & designs.

All of our gorgeous clutch bags, come with a removable extra long cross body chain, so when you have your hands full of champagne & flowers, or your busy dancing the night away, all your essentials will still be clutched by your side in a glamorous Niclaire clutch. At amazing prices, but still outstanding quality we dramatically drop our prices, but uphold the highest quality.

Glamorous Collar Necklaces!

Crystal Necklaces are always a showstopper. With our new crystal collar range, they can glam up an outfit in seconds! Amazing high quality crystals & so fashion forward at the same time. Whether you want to bring a little sparkle to your workday or pair it with some crystal earrings, for a night out on the town, these amazing pieces are wardrobe essentials this year.

Take a look and enjoy all of our favs this month! Love Niclaire xxx

We have SO many new arrivals this week! Leather handbags, clutch bags, evening bags, collar necklaces & more! Spring is in the air, so if you're a melbournian, and getting ready to frock up for the races, you may just be in need of the perfect clutch bag! Check our new range now. Soo many new designer handbags online right here at Niclaire. Or if you're just a fashionista, check out our hot new spike handle clutch! We bring you all the latest runway styles right here at Niclaire.
While you're browsing, check out our gorgeous jewellery section. We have the perfect glamorous pieces, including bangles, bracelets, necklaces, collar necklaces, crystal earrings & gold chains to go with any outfit! Spice it up & add a bit of glamour to your outfit with these accessories online!

All the celebrities are using clutch bags as their essential accessory on the red carpet, and we at Niclaire agree every girl needs a clutch! No one wants to carry around some big & bulky bag, when all you wanna do is dance, with a glass of champagne in your hand! Niclaire isn’t just some online fashion store, she’s a true lady just like you & understands your everyday needs. We sell loads of designer bags online and our favourite are our clutch bags. Whether it’s a crystal clutch, leather clutch bag, glitzy/edgy clutch you’re looking for, we have it all! They all come with extra long straps, so whether you wanna clutch it in your hand, or let it fall at your side, the choice is yours! Have a look at our new arrivals in our Handbags section now!

This leather tote bag is back by popular demand! A repeat of our Calfskin Bucket Tote, but in delicious smooth leather & multiple different colors! This bag is the classic ladies leather handbag. If you’re looking for handbags online, this beauty is an essential. The perfect size to fit all your daily essentials in, and it even comes with a cross body strap now so that you can sling it around your waist. This has been one of our most popular leather tote bags by far, so go have a look & check out the new range now!

Our new range of Lollipop bags are a fun & bright colored ladies handbag range that will make a statement this Summer! Consisting of leatherbags, clutch bags, tote bags, leather tote bags, leather handbags, fashion handbags, evening bags & so many different styles of leather backpacks, there is literally one for every girl! Whether you want a beautiful leather hot pink & yellow cross body bag, a more mature delicious caramel leather tote or a fashion forward floral patterned leather backpack, we’ve got it all in our new LolliPOP range.

One of our favourites is the Summer Sun Tote bag, a slight variation ofone of our favs last collection. A beautiful leather tote, a mature style, with a cute tassel. Available in so many different colours, whether you’re a neutral kinda girl or want a bit of pop!

Another is the Stack & Swap Clutch. Definitely our most unique & versatile leather clutch we’ve ever had. You can wear this baby, as across body bag, clip all three together and use it as an evening clutch, or pull it apart and use one of the compartments for everyday. You can mix and match the colors depending on your outfit! And It comes with two differentsized straps, what more could you want!?

And our 3rd fav we have to mention is the Wild RiderLeather Backpack. A gorgeous & edgy but classic style backpack. Available in fresh & fun colors, including black, lilac & floral print. So many different pockets and compartments, you can never have too many backpacks. So good for everyday, a train trip to work, travelling on a plane, a boyfriend overnighter or even just a trip to the shops. This luscious leather backpack is definitely a keeper <3

Every girl loves to buy handbags online, so go check out new range NOW!

Also in our new LolliPOP range is a whole new section of accessories. From beautiful soft silk scarves, stylish bright scarves and Burberry style scarves to stunning colored crystal jewelry, including crystal collar necklaces & crystal bangle bracelets. Our new beautiful scarf range includes all types of different scarves, and so many different color options.

Our beautiful bright silk scarves are a favorite, whether you want to spice up an outfit with a pop of color, or tie this baby around your neck. Our big Burberry style scarves will keep you warm in style! And our oversized floral scarves can be worn in a few different ways, whether your rockin’ an everyday outfit or tying it around your waist at the beach!

And if you’re looking for a timeless, gorgeous gift for someone special, take a look at our stylish & elegant crystal jewelry. Available in a few different colors, these glamorous collar necklaces and crystal bracelets will be sure to make you stand out!

All of our beautiful jewelry and scarves are available as wholesale accessories too, be sure to have a look!

We adore selling women’s shoes online, because we love the fact that you can be sitting in your own backyard with a cheeky cocktail in the summer sun, checking out your favorite pair of heels! We have so many new delicious & sexy women’s shoes arriving in just a few weeks as part of the LolliPOP range! We’ve got low heels, low heel pumps, lazy leather loafers & ballet flats all in multiple colors and styles!

A gorgeous mix of soft leathers, crystals & skulls, we are so excited to bring you our new ladies shoe collection!

So keep an eye out and get ready for some online shoe shopping at Niclaire!



Our new, fun & most amazing collection yet is HERE! The fresh & bright new range is definitely our favourite at Niclaire. Full of beautiful designer handbags, leather handbags, tote bags, clutch bags,clutch handbags, travel bags, leather backpacks, ladies everyday handbags,evening bags, crystal jewellery, bangle bracelets, crystal necklaces, collarnecklaces AND beautiful heels, low heels, leather flats, ballet flats & pumps all coming soon!


Summer is definitely on its way, and with our beautiful new range, and wide range of handbags, shoes & accessories you can spice up your wardrobe at an affordable price, with just a few clicks! 

The whole collection is a mix of bright & funcolors, mixed with elegance and style. At Niclaire we're not just an online fashion store, we're a community & love to your feedback! So go ahead, review a product, like us on facebook, and tell us your stories! We always want to hear from you! 

All of these items are available for wholesale too, so ladies, grab a glass of wine, sit down, relax and checkout our new LOLLiPOP collection NOW!



We love a bit of celeb style & this week, we show you, our beautiful customers, how to get the STUNNING Heidi Klum's look!

All at Niclaire, where all of these pieces are under $80! 

1. Classic Skull & Crystal Clutch: This gorgeous crystal clutch, comes in 3 different crystal colours. Black on black, white on black & blue on black. 

This is one of our favourite clutch bags of the month! We stock all sorts of bags, everything from leather handbags, tote bags, travel bags, backpack bags to crystal clutches, leather clutch bags, evening clutches & cute apple clutches. But this baby, is by far one of our favs! A cool mix of edge & class to liven up an outfit. The perfect size to fit all of your essentials in. This beautiful black clutch is a wardrobe staple!

2. Back Studded Peep Toe Heels: These black pumps are one of our best sellers and a Niclaire classic. With these babies, you really can't go wrong. They go with just about every outfit, whether your going out for a night of dancing, drinking wine at a stylish restaurant or simply spicing up a work outfit, we absolutely adore these heels! Shopping for shoes online has never been so easy, so visit our online shoe store section & take a look at these beauties!

*Hot Style TIP: If you're looking for something a little less dressy, try pairing these accessories with one of our other beautiful pairs of shoes. We have a wide selection of classic shoes, from ballet flats, wedges, sandals, boots, leather shoes, strappy heels & comfy everyday flats, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at www.niclaire.com.au !

3. Crystal Circle Ring: A beautiful crystal classy ring. Speaks for itself! So elegant & beautiful. 

4. Crystal Rose Ring: Another gorgeous piece. Elegant, classy & crystal, what more could you want in a ring!

To compliment these beautiful crystal pieces, we sell all sorts of beautiful accessories. Including silver bracelets, bangle bracelets, gorgeous crystal earrings, gold necklaces & much more!

5. Vintage Olive Leaf & Jewel Necklace: A beautiful & unique necklace. A gorgeous touch to a beautiful dress!

6. Floral Chandelier Earrings: A pair of dark earrings. Pair these babies, with some crystal rings, a beautiful clutch & a cocktail & you are sure to have a good night!


This week's newsletter!

This week we rave & rant about one of our favourite accessories, the clutch bag. We have so many new designs & colours available in our bags section. Soooo many new styles! Crystal clutches, silver clutches, date night clutches, edgy clutches, wild print leopard clutches, union jack pattern clutches & even some new spesh sequinned clutches! You can check them all out right now in our bags/clutches section :)

These sass new designs are selling fast, so go check them out & get your hands on one before you miss out ;)

While your there, do yourself a favour and have a look at our sale handbags online. Winter is officially here, the cold weather has definitely kicked in, and every girl needs an oversized handbag to pack her life into for her everyday activities! Leather bags, travel bags, backpack bags, oversized bags, boyfriend bags, calfskin bags, evening wear bags, leather tote bags, snakeskin bags & sling bags. There is really something for every girl & its all at amazing affordable prices! 

And last but definitely not least, if you didnt receive this newsletter, and today is the first time you've seen it, then get on it! Sign up right now & make sure to become a fan on facebook! We give all of our lovely subscribers all the latest goss, deals & sales FIRST!

So do it. Right now! :)



We have put a few of our favourite products up on our new, very special Facebook store!

Just click here to shop now!


We at Niclaire, all know that the most important part & finishing touch of a ladies outfit is the perfect clutch or designer handbag! And its so convenient to browse & buy handbags online. So take a look at some of our stunning & stylish bags & find your perfect fit today. From casual everyday bags to classic evening handbags, we use only the finest leathers & materials, to bring you the best of the best! Everything from oversized boyfriend totes, sling bags, leather backpack bags, leather tote bags, shoulder bags, travel bags & leather handbags for your everyday needs. And we also stock clutch bags! Crystal clutches, leather clutches, cute & funky apple clutches, skull clutches, knuckle clutches & wild print python clutches to add that touch of edge & glamour to your evening outfit! We offer all of our bags & clutches as wholesale items also, so simply register in our wholesale section and we will contact you! Make sure to follow us on facebook & sign up to our newsletter as Niclaire loves a good handbag sale & she loves telling her loyal subscribers first!


A girl can never have too many accessories! At Niclaire we absolutely love our accessories and have a wide range of stock. You’ll find the perfect pieces for your wardrobe whether you’re a girly girl or an edgy kinda chick! We stock silver & gold necklaces, silver bracelets, crystal necklaces, crystal earrings, bangle bracelets, chunky statement necklaces, simple & classy rings, young & fun rings, elegant earrings, cute stud earrings, soft woolly scarves, silky scarves, tiaras for a special occasion & even iPhone accessories! All of our accessories are made from nickel & lead free, high quality materials. Take a look around our accessories section & find all of your wardrobe essentials! We also offer all of our accessories as wholesale items, so simply register in our wholesale section and we will contact you!


Every girl loves to do a bit of shoe shopping online! So sit down, relax & take a look out our beautiful women's shoe collection. All made from the highest quality leathers & materials. Our shoes are stylish, sassy & most importantly comfortable! Our wide range of shoes includes, ballet flats, leather flats, sandals, wedges, wedding shoes, leather boots, high heels, low heel shoes, pumps & peep toes. We have the latest runway styles, high heels & everyday flats all in the one place! Whether you’re looking for a pair of cheap comfortable flats, cheap shoes or an edgy glamorous pair of heels, you’ll find it all at Niclaire! All of our shoes are available for wholesale as well! Just simply register in our wholesale section & we will contact you! Everyone knows you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they are wearing, so make a statement, get stylish & sassy with a pair of beautiful Niclaire shoes now! There's nothing better on a sunday afternoon, then buying shoes online, so grab a wine, put your feet up & take a look at our online shoe store.



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  • Art Mask Bangle (Gold/Pewter/Silver/Copper) Valued at $39.00 - Click here
  • Big Hand Painted Pearl Bib Necklace (Antic silver) Valued at $29.00 - Click here
  • Metal Nest Bib Necklace (Copper) Valued at $29.00 - Click here
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Welcome on board our QLD agent and stores -- 02/06/2011

Sultan Gold
Shop 118, Casuarina Square
Casuarina, NT, 0810
Under Lock & Key Boutique
16 Elizabeth St.
Mittagong, NSW, 2575

Zoi Condoleon
Studio Agency Pty Ltd
Unit 1/1 Potts ST., South Brisbane, QLD 4101 

Don't Tell Fannie
Shop 5/173 Boundary Street
West End QLD, 4101

We Live Like This
Shop 1, 131 Latobe Tce
Paddington QLD, 4064

We have 4 main ranges coming every year, hope you are doing good.

If you are a ambitious wholesale agent, successful fashion store, we are looking forward to hear from you, in NSW, WA, VIC, pls email us on sales@niclaire.com.au

If you are a successful PR agent, we are looking forward to hear from you on sales@niclaire.com.au

Niclaire on Covetish.com.au 'Perfect Patent'. -- 02/04/2011

'A shoe of Inspiration' is the aim of our design. We use careful selected materials, leathers, crystals, Cubic Zirconia, Resin, hand painted Jewels to make beautiful fashion accessories.

All our products are handmade, from leather bags, clutches, high heels, wedges, to low heels, ballet flats, stylish yet comfortable.

Currently Coveting: NICLAIRE -- 31/01/2011

Did I hear you say Front Zip Banana Heel? We're loving this open-toe, soft suede bootie form Niclaire with it's high shine copper platform & front zip.

Niclaire in Missyconfidential front page, 'Missy Pick' this week. 31/01/2011

We are here for you!!! -- 16/11/2010

We are so delighted our new website goes alive, beautiful shoes, glamour clutches, modern design, polished presentation ♥♥  friends suggest we should write something about this change... haha, here we are.

By average 1 personal will change their career 7 times during her/his life time, somebody said that, ♥♥♥ we only changed 3 or 4 times I think J.you want know more? Find out later.

I love drawing, love fashion, love beautiful things like many other girls, but always busy with life, busy with other things.

Finally friends/ chances pushed us up, set up this beautiful fashion brand, ♥niclaire♥, dream finally come true, but still lots of hard work needs to be done... We set up our first store in Ottawa, Canada early this year and now we step in online store, and landed in Australia as well.

Niclaire comes from a dream of beautiful leather shoes, high heels, leather bags, fashion accessories, its glamour, but yet comfortable for everyday wear.

All our products are handmade, we manually select leathers from all over the world to make high heels for party, stylish low heels for office, and perfect ballet flats for outdoor free time...

Follow our website, will keep you updated with our new release, new color, new range ♥