Special Volume Discount

Automatically calculated from your second order onwards.

  • 2nd order extra 1% off
  • 3rd order extra 2% off
  • 4th order extra 3% off
  • 5th order extra 4% off
  • Extra 5% off on your 6th order (6th until 9th order)
  • Extra 7.5% off on your 10th order (10th until 19th order)
  • Extra 10% off on your 20th order (and all future orders)

You don't have to fill in any forms, create a password, or do any registration. You're automatically added once your first order is placed and recorded under your e-mail address.

The discount is automatically calculated at the checkout page (not in the shopping cart) after entry of your email address.

Changed your email address since your last order? Please Contact Us and we will change your record accordingly.

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Plus, you'll receive an extra 2-10% off when you order 2 or more products

Plus FREE Shipping within Australia.

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